Setting Up Your Bar

When I first started making cocktails I purchased a book with around 200 cocktail recipes. I went out a bought things that were listed commonly in the book, and various bits of equipment and glasses for serving. It turns out that most of what I bought was useless to me. Sure there were a few key things (especially in the equipment department) that I absolutely needed, but then again: a lot of those items broke really quickly.

As I’ve been unable to find a really good “starting your own bar at home” web pages anywhere, I’ve resolved to create them here. I’ve divided this section into two sub-pages: one about equipment, and another about the ingredients. These pages are not exhaustive, and you will find yourself buying other equipment and ingredients as time goes on. That said: it’ll be a good start and you’ll have a wide variety of cocktails that you’ll be able to mix¬†immediately.

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