The Kitchen that Goes On Forever

I should know better, when you start building something: it always takes longer than you expect. As I’m writing this the kitchen is almost complete, but the finishing touches are still being worked on. Still on the list of things to be done:

  • The floor tiling (only a tiny strip of about 3 tiles right now)
  • The floor tile grouting
  • Some minor wiring for the new lights
  • The gas piping for the stove
All in all the kitchen is looking like a massive improvement over the old one. It’s got a dedicated booze cupboard and two lovely bar stools for my friends to sit and watch while I make them their drinks. By the end of this week it’ll be complete, and I’m just deciding what to serve for the first cocktail evening. Since it’s winter: it’ll probably be something nice and warm.

A New Kitchen

We’re currently undergoing the process of installing a new kitchen at home. So while I have several cocktail recipes lined up, I can’t make or photograph them as the entire bar is effectively “in storage”.

As I sit typing this the sound I’m hearing is that of electric screwdrivers (the machine, not the drink) working to assemble the cupboards and put them in. It’s been a noisy (and dusty) week so far, but with the cabinet work going on today, and the tiling and such scheduled for tomorrow (and everything having been on schedule so far) it looks like I’ll be back in business this weekend!

I promis to have a few really good drinks posted by early next week, but in the mean time the photo on the left was taken just after the old kitchen, a wall, the floor and tiles had been removed.

Shooter: Liquid Cocaine

It’s really not illegal (in most countries anyway) but it does taste amazing. It’s a shooter so while it’s nice and simple: you’ll be working with quite small measurements. I strongly recommend getting yourself a few quick pourers before attempting this.¬†With shooters it’s easier to just give the proportions of each component, pour them directly into a shot glass. My personal way to serve this is in a tequila shooter, because it just looks better.

Special shout-out to Stuart who introduced me to this drink!


  • 2 parts Blue Curacao
  • 1 parts Vodka
  • 2 parts Lime Cordial